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Maria of Citizen TV (born Yasmin Said; 2000 in Kilifi County) is a Kenyan actress. She entered the world of fame after she portrayed the lead character in Maria, a Citizen TV series.

Her unique acting skills have earned her love and captured the heart of many viewers of the show. Before her debut appearance on the show, she was not famous.


Yasmin Said biography
Yasmin Said is known to many as Maria wa Kitaa. Image: Instagram.com, @yasmeen_saiedi.
NameYasmin Said
Age20 years old
Date of birth2000
Place of birthKilifi County
EducationRibe High School, Kilifi
Popular roleMaria


Her date of birth is in 2000 and the place of birth is in Kilifi County. Yasmin Said is 20 years old.


She had her high school education at Ribe High School in Kilifi. During her days in the institution, she came across an advert and made the decision of trying out her luck.


Yasmin Said age
The popular actress is in a gown and putting on a crown. Instagram.com, @yasmeen_saiedi.

Yasmin plays the role of Maria, the character is an educated girl who comes from a ghetto but has dreams.

The empathy on the show and her unique style of acting has made the character one of the viewers’ choices in Kenya.

In reality, Yasmin is a humble and outgoing Muslim girl who has a passion for acting. 

Though she became known to many Kenyan viewers through the popular TV show, Yasmin rather lives an ordinary life.


She was born in the year 2000 in Kilifi County, a county located north and northeast of Mombasa. Yasmin went into acting once she completed her high school education started acting.

Upon attending an audition which was managed by Rashid Abdala and Lulu Hassan, the brains behind the show, she landed her debut role in acting.

She has starred in NakuLove, a song by King Kaka. The song featured actor Pascal Tokodi and Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula).

She grew up under the care of a regular middle-class Muslim family. ‘Hard work pays off’ and for Yasmin it really is, her fame opened the door to loads of opportunities.Β The elegant actress has landed several deals outside her show.


In the show, Luwi, a drunk, contemplates having a divorce to be with Maria.

Victor, Luwi’s brother, also seem to love Mari takes on the laid back approach. In reality, the ‘girlish’ Yasmin is single.

“Ha! I knew that question would pop up. Kwa ground vitu ni different. The ‘Maria’ on TV is not the Yasmin I know.

“I am so devoted to Islam and I do not have a boyfriend. It is not a priority for me at this time,” she says.

Indomie Ambassador

Yasmin Said profile
She is one of the youngest ever brand ambassadors to be recruited by the company. Instagram.com, @yasmeen_saiedi.

Indomie has appointed the young actress as the new ambassador for the noodle company in Kenya.

She has made it to the ‘youngest ever brand ambassadors‘ the country has ever recruited.

Yasmin has partnered with the company in an initiative labeled ‘Jiamini’. They provide young girls with sanitary towels, foodstuffs, and other basic amenities.

Her first appearance in public was in a giveaway which happened where she grew up, Kibera. Together, they reached out to at least 400 women and young girls.


  1. Hi Maria even me I have talented but no support I love you so much.mwwaaπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

  2. Hello Maria, actually u have shwn us a path to follow as ua fellw youths and indeed,
    bravo to uuuu Yazmin Said.

  3. Yasmin I like your personality and the voodoo way you drive your life,am also at 20 but am poor am seeing a bright future.of all the people I’ve chosen you to help meam not reporting to school only because I lack 50000/=to join maasai Mara university.looking forward for your kind support,God bless you.0748609410

  4. You are such a motivation to youths and girls who think of giving up in life. You really inspired me have always wanted to have such a platform but gave up coz no one to support me. Continue going we love you.

  5. Maria you have great skills in acting, just as you have started. I have watched the maria series, and now sultana. I would love to see you in Hollywood movies just like lupita. Though something big starts from somewhere, i believe you have great potentials, towards your career. You can try to further your studies in it,locally or abroad, if that’s your passion. May God see you through success.

  6. God,,is, going to be with you,,Maria,,in,you, movies,, ilove you πŸ’– πŸ’–, mwaaaaa,,,, keep it up,,Maria,byee

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