King Nuba biography, age, profile, real name, comedian, background

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King Nuba (born Yamkela Ndabezinhle Nuba) is a South African comedian. Social media platforms have been the medium through which he reaches viewers of his content.

He has posted many funny videos on himself thereby making an impact in the entertainment industry.

Though King Nuba makes people laugh another thing that comes easy with him is dancing.

In 2016, he made waves for his dance moves. The way he dresses which may be his signature is something worth talking about. He appears in his skits dressed in oversized tops, trousers, and big shoes.


King Nuba biography
NameYamkela Ndabezinhle Nuba
Other namesKing Nuba
Age22 years old
NationalitySouth Africa


King Nuba given the name Yamkela Ndabezinhle Nuba after his birth.

According to sources online, he hails from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He is famous for creating and sharing hilarious content online.


King Nuba age

Sources reported that King Nuba is 22 years old. His date of birth falls around 1998/99.


As mentioned earlier, he is popular with social media users for sharing funny content. His social media platforms have grown to house thousands of followers.

He is active on Instagram and YouTube. In a bid to focus on his academic pursuit, he left social media in 2016. He was inactive for four years and returned in 2020.

King Nuba began to call the journey of his life a “Soft Life”, where he began to introduce his wears Attire Of Brentwood.

The beginning of his popularity could be traced to a video of him talking about several things including his clothes. In the video, King Nuba revealed that he spends over R250 on a chocolate bar.

In an interview session, he revealed that his interest in comedy dates back to his early teenage days, thirteen. He tried to entertain people as he worked together with his friends.

Together with a group of Walter Sisulu University Students, he connected with at Eastern Cape in 2019, they entertained people. They were dressed in “unusual clothes”, and dressed in the streets.


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