Shamicka Gibbs (Martin Lawrence’s Ex-wife)

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Shamicka Gibbs is one of the ex-wives of Martin Lawrence, a celebrated movie actor popularly known for the Bad Boys movie franchise.

Shamicka, aside from being known as Martin Lawrence’s ex-wife (a description that almost overshadows her other achievement), is a reality TV star, gluten-free nutritionist/chef, and businesswoman.

She is also the biological mother of Iyanna Faith Lawrence and Amara Faith Lawrence. She is also stepmother to Jasmin Page Lawrence.

After splitting from Martin Lawrence, she married Antwuan Hill, a writer and the owner of Ace Elite Services, on August 15, 2022.

She appeared on VH1’s “Hollywood Exes” alongside other ex-wives of Hollywood actors, including Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife), Sheree Fletcher (Will Smith’s ex-wife), and Mayte Garcia (Prince’s ex-wife).

Currently, she is the proud owner of the following businesses;

  • SS Lawrence Collection LLC
  • F8th Unit LLC
  • Micka’s Pantry

Let’s run through her profile summary.

Name Shamicka Hill
Maiden Name Shamicka Gibbs
Age 7 years old
Date of birth 11 November 1975
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Father Ronnie Gibbs
Mother Susan Gloria Gibbs
Brother Donnell Gibbs
Sister Gigi Gibbs
Nationality United States of America
Marital status Married
Husband Antwuan Hill
Children (2)
Daughters Iyanna Faith Lawrence, Amara Trinity Lawrence
ex-husband Martin Lawrence
High School(s) Rubidoux High School,
Leuzinger high school
Occupation Entrepreneur, Actor
Instagram @shamickahill

Shamicka Gibbs Biography

Shamicka Hill was born Shamicka Gibbs on 11 November 1975. Her well-to-do parents are Ronnie Gibbs (Father) and Susan Gloria Gibbs (Mother) – @gypsypidge.

Baby Shamicka Gibbs with her parents
Baby Shamicka Gibbs with her parents (Instagram)

Growing up, Shamicka lived all over Los Angeles. As a true Angeleno, she has lived in Southcentral Los Angeles – where she grew up, Hoover, Inglewood, and Hawthorne. When she was 11, she moved to Riverside, CA, to start high school and back to Los Angeles to complete it.

She was raised in the company of her siblings, who are doing well for themselves in their endeavors. Her siblings are Donnell Gibbs (Brother) and Gigi Gibbs.

Photo of Shamicka Gibbs with her family - Donnell Gibbs (Brother) - Susan Glory Gibbs (Mother) - Iyanna Faith Lawrence (Daughter) - Amara Trinity Lawrence (Daughter) and Antwuan Hill (Husband)
Photo of Shamicka Gibbs with her family – Donnell Gibbs (Brother) – Susan Glory Gibbs (Mother) – Iyanna Faith Lawrence (Daughter) – Amara Trinity Lawrence (Daughter) and Antwuan Hill (Husband) – (Credit: Instagram)

Shamicka’s Parents

Shamicka adores her parents and seizes every opportunity to thank them for being a part of her life.

Shamicka lost her father years ago, but she remembers her father, born on July 10, 1957, annually. Celebrating his “Heavenly Birthday,” she wrote on Instagram;

Happy Heavenly Birthday Daddy. You would have been 66 years young today. We love and miss you so much.”

Shamicka’s mother, Susan Gloria Gibbs, is alive and healthy. Susan Gibbs works in an Animal Rescue. Celebrating her mother’s 70th birthday (July 13, 1953) on social media, Shamicka wrote;

Happy 70th birthday Mommy! 🎉🌸 Thank you for being a constant source of love, support, and inspiration in my life. Your warmth, wisdom, and kindness have shaped me into the person I am today. May this milestone year be filled with joy, laughter, and cherished moments. Here’s to many more amazing years together! We are truly blessed to be able to Celebrate you. Love you always.”


Shamicka attended Rubidoux High School from 1989 to 1991. While she was at Rubidoux High School, she participated in basketball, track races, and school choir.

She finished her school at Leuzinger High School, graduating with the class of 1993.

There is no record of Shamicka furthering her education to college, but even without a college degree, she is living a fulfilled life.


Shamicka was first married to Martin Lawrence from 2010 to 2021. They started dating in 1997 when Martin divorced Patricia Southall. Being together for 15 years, they separated in 2012.
Shamicka is married to the man she prayed for – Antwuan Hill.

She married Antwuan Hill on August 15, 2022, at The Majestic Downtown in Los Angeles, California. To Shamicka, Antwuan is a prayer answered.


Shamicka Gibbs with her children (daughters)
Shamicka Gibbs with her children (daughters) (Instagram)

Shamicka is the biological mother to two beautiful daughters – Iyanna and Amara. Due to her relationship with Martin Lawrence, she is stepmother to Jasmine Page Lawrence.

Her relationship with Antwuan Hill has not given birth to any child yet.

Husband – Antwuan Hill

Shamicka with her Husband  - Antwuan Hill
Shamicka with her Husband – Antwuan Hill

Shamicka’s husband is Antwuan Hill. He is a writer and business owner.

Antwuan Hill wrote the book titled “Rethink the Way You Move: As a Man Thinks, So Is He.” The book is a memoir of the early beginnings of Antwuan Hill – the son of a truck driver and factory worker. It records his life lessons, failures, and wins.

Antwuan Hill started his career as a real estate agent. He now runs a luxury car business, ACE Elite Services, in 2007. He has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, CONCACAF/FIFA, Magic Johnson Enterprises, NBA, NFL, Sahara Jets, and Sprite.

Gluten-free Nutrition

Shamicka was born with two diseases, Lupus and Celiac, from birth.

Celiac is a serious hereditary autoimmune disease that occurs in genetically prone people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. Neonatal lupus is a rare acquired autoimmune disorder present at birth (congenital).

These diseases made her have nutrition issues during her childhood. In her adult years, she discovered she was also allergic to gluten.

Following her discovery, she started eating a gluten-free and low-carb diet to keep her health in check.

To inspire other women with celiac disease, she created a line of homemade organic spices called “Don’t Hurt Cha’ Tongue Baby.”


Shamicka Gibbs is the CEO of SS Lawrence Collection LLC, where she distributes her Organic Gluten-Free Spices line called “Don’t Hurt Cha’ Tongue Baby!” and a T-shirt collection called “Joyfullygifted.”

She also runs F8th Unit LLC, which she formed in 2012 in partnership with Kelvin “KT” Taylor. She is the owner of 9 units of Massage Envys in Los Angeles. The areas include Westlake Village, Sherman Oaks, Thousand Oaks, Valencia, Oxnard, Palmdale, Simi Valley, Camarillo, and Ventura.

Shamicka featured in 22 episodes of Hollywood Exes, starting from season 2, episode 1 to season 3, episode 9 – Hollywood Exes Reunited.

Her appearances in the series were rumored to be offensive towards Martin, whom she had just divorced, but Shamicka clarified that her ex-husband supported her role.

Relationship with Martin Lawrence

Shamicka first met Martin Lawrence in 1997 at the time when the actor was basking in the fame of movie and TV series such as Martin (1992), House Party (1990), Boomerang (1992), and Bad Boys (1995).

Their relationship waxed stronger with the birth of their children – Iyanna Faith Lawrence on November 9, 2000, and Amara Faith Lawrence on August 20, 2002.

They married in 2010 in Martin Lawrence’s home backyard in Beverly Hills, California. Their wedding, which Diann Valentine organized, was attended by 120 guests, including Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, and Barry Bonds.

Amara, Iyanna, and Jasmin were flower girls.

After 15 years of being together, Shamicka and Martin Lawrence called it quits in 2012, stating irreconcilable differences.

Shamicka said she could not go into details about why her marriage with Martin ended, but she mentioned that people grow apart and life happens.

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