Jasmine Page Lawrence – Martin Lawrence And Patricia Southall’s Daughter

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Jasmine Page Lawrence is the daughter of famous American actor Martin Lawrence. She was born from the actor’s marriage to Patricia Southall.

As the daughter of a celebrated actor, Jasmine is following in her father’s footsteps. And she is steadily rising in ranks in Hollywood.

Her debut into the entertainment industry was a minor role in Bad Boys for Life (2020) – a movie starring her father, Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Another intriguing aspect of Jasmine’s life is her serious relationship with Eric Murphy, the son of American actor and comedian Eddie Murphy.

How do you feel knowing that the daughter of Martin Lawrence is dating the son of Eddie Murphy? Celebrity overload!!!

Profile Summary

This info table will give you a rundown of the facts you need to know about Jasmine page Lawrence. Don’t worry. You will get the full details as you read along, so read to the last paragraph.

Name Jasmine page Lawrence
Age 27 years old
Date of Birth 15 January 1996
Nationality United States of America
Father Martin Lawrence
Mother Patricia Southall
Brother Emmitt James Smith IV
Elijah Alexander James Smith
Sisters Iyanna Faith Lawrence
Amara Trinity
Skylar Smith
Rheagen Smith
Highschool Greenhill School
College Duke University
Degree Bachelor of Arts
Ethnicity African American
Sexuality Straight
Gender Female
Height 5’3’’
Weight 50kg
Zodiac Capricorn
Instagram @jasmin_lawrence

Jasmine page Lawrence Early Life

Jasmine Page Lawrence was born on 15 January 1996 to her now-separated parents, Martin Lawrence and Patricia Southall.

She was born a year after her parents tied the knot. Unfortunately, she witnessed her parents’ separation in 1997 as a young child only a year old. Her parents shared custody of her, raising her the best they could while at the same time being divorced.

Young Jasmine page Lawrence with her father, Martin Lawrence
Young Jasmine page Lawrence with her father, Martin Lawrence (credit: Instagram)

Growing up, she had no direct siblings until her mother tied the knot with Emmitt Smith, giving Jasmine 4 siblings;

  • Emmitt James Smith IV
  • Elijah Alexander James Smith
  • Skylar Smith
  • Rheagen Smith
Jasmine Page Lawrence as a kid
Jasmine Page Lawrence as a kid (Credit: Instagram)

Furthermore, her father’s union with Shamick Gibbs after she separated from Patricia gave Jasmine 2 more siblings;

Although things were rough initially with Jasmine’s parent’s marital life, and his father marrying another woman made it even more complicated, the family is now more united.

When Martin Lawrence received his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, his entire family, including his ex-wives and children, celebrated him and was there for him.

Jasmine celebrated her father’s achievement of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star with an Instagram post that partly reads;

Daddy I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it- you deserve all the love that comes your way! This industry can be brutal. I’ve watched you remain consistent, unwilling to change for anyone! The legacy you’ve built, the countless people you’ve employed and continue to employ, the profound impact you’ve had on so many lives…and you always give the Glory to GOD! That’s what it’s truly all about! In your words, “Board your dream bus with confidence, grace, and humility and Ride it till the Wheels Fall Off. Let the doubters RUNTELDAT!!” 👏🏽 y’all heard Steve, “Martin Lawrence is that dude!” ✨”


Jasmine Page Lawrence’s education showcased her brilliance in the field of academics.

After Jasmine completed her high school at Greenhill School in 2014, she got admitted to Duke University, a Private university in Durham, North Carolina.

She studied Arts at Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, an undergraduate liberal arts college at Duke University.

In college, she was part of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, just like her mother was in James Madison University.

She graduated in 2018 with honors (cum laude) with a degree in Bachelor of Arts.

After college, Jasmine attended Speiser Sturges Acting Studio, a drama school in Los Angeles, California.


Jasmine is an actor with some high-rating movies to her credit. From the onset, her career was already influenced by her father, Martin Lawrence.

Jasmine page Lawrence dressed in red Women Bodycon
Jasmine page Lawrence dressed in red Women Bodycon (credit: Instagram, @traxstar.fit)

She auditioned for a role in Bad Boys For Life movie, and that gave her a shot in the movie industry,

She had the opportunity to act in a movie starring her father, Martin Lawrence. And, as per her celebrity family connection, she also featured in a TV series episode alongside her step-father, Emmitt Smith.

Jasmine made her first TV appearance in 2018 in Celebrity Family Feud (2004).

She appeared in the TV series’s season 5 episode 8, which featured her stepfather, Emmitt Smith, and starred Steve Harvey.

Her acting debut was in Bad Boys for Life (2020), playing the minor role of a door woman.

She also appeared briefly in Family Time (2012) TV series in the same year. In the TV series, she appeared as Angela in the episode titled Somebody’s Watching Me (season 8, Episode 4).

2022 saw her take up more screen time as she appeared in all 9 Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules (2022) series episodes.

The series was about eight celebrity children who live and work as ranch hands in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The idea is to prove to themselves, their parents, and the world that they are more than their inherited celebrity status.

Jasmine’s acting career is still in its infancy. She still has more to come and make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Dating Eric Murphy

Jasmine Lawrence and Eric Murphy
Jasmine Lawrence and Eric Murphy (Instagram)

Jasmine’s relationship with Eric Murphy went public in 2021.

When the couple first shared a picture of them, fans of their parent could not believe what they saw. Seeing Martin Lawrence’s daughter in a relationship with Eddit Murphy’s son is heartful. The vibes their relationship gave off were on another level.

Jasmines’s boyfriend, Eric Murphy, is the son of the renowned American comedian, actor, and producer Eddie Murphy. In his career path, Eric is a writer and voice actor managed by Avalon Entertainment. He did (ADR) Additional Dialogue Recording for Candy Cane Lane (2023) and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley.

Eric Murph is old, while Jasmine is 27 years old. The age difference is only 7.

They are enjoying their relationship, and we can’t wait for them to walk down the aisle in holy matrimony.


Jasmine Lawrence with her father Martin Lawrence - Thrill NG

Jasmine Page was born into the family of Martin Lawrence and Patricia Southall. Her parents married in 1995 – gave birth to her in 1996 – but divorced in 1997.

Her mother, Patricia Southall, was a beauty queen and model, winning Miss Virginia USA in 1993. She started dating Martin Lawrence in 1992 and tied the know with the Bad Boys actor in 1995.

After her relationship with Martin ended in 1997, she went into another marriage with NFL Football running back Emmitt Smith and had three children.

Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities was founded by her and Emmitt Smith in 2000, followed by Treasure You – a non-profit supporting women in financial, emotional, or spiritual need.

Her father, Martin Lawrence, is an accomplished movie actor. He is known for movies such as Bad Boys (1995), Bad Boys for Life (2020), Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (2011), and Big Momma’s House (2000).

Martin Lawrence was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 20 April 2023 due to his acting skills and achievements in the movie industry.

Read about all the children Martin Lawrence had from his two marriages. You can also check out about his wives and how his marriage with them turned out.

Quick Facts About Jasmine Page Lawrence

Who is Jasmine Page Lawrence?
Jasmine Page Lawrence is an actress from the United States of America, known for being the daughter of the renowned American actor and comedian Martin Lawrence.

How old is Jasmine Lawrence?
Jasmine page Lawrence is 27 years old currently. She was born on 15 January 1996.

Who is Jasmine Lawrence’s mother?
Jasmine Lawrence’s mother mother is called Patricia Southall. She is an actress, model, philanthropist, and founder of Treasure You.

Who is Jasmine Page Lawrence’s boyfriend?
She is currently dating Eddie Murphy’s son, Eric Murphy.

What is Jasmine Page Lawrence’s height?
Jasmine is 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimeters) tall.

What is Jasmine Page Lawrence’s net worth?
According to multiple sources, her estimated net worth is between $300,000 and $500,00.

Is Martin Lawrence’s daughter an actress?
Yes, Jasmine Lawrence, Martin Lawrence’s daughter, is an actress. She made her acting debut in 2020 in Bad Boys for Life.

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