Pastor Feyi Daniels Biography – Age, Origin, Career, Education, Rape Case, & More

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Who is Feyi Daniels?

Oluwafeyiropo Daniels well known as Bishop Feyi Daniels is a Prophet, teacher, author, and the founder and presiding Bishop of iReign Global. He is also the Chancellor of Evolve Business School, a business and leadership training institute.

Additionally, he is the principal of Kings Academy, a prophetic school of missions and ministry. The Bishop gained media attention recently after being sentenced to life imprisonment for sexual assault. He was accused of raping two of his church members in June 2020, although he pleaded guilty and was granted bail initially, he has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the offense.

Feyi Daniels’s Early Life and Education

Bishop Feyi was born on May 6, in Gbolade Adebanjo, Opebi, Nigeria into a Christian family and had a love for God in him at a young age. He studied accounting at the University of Lagos and also obtained a master’s degree in Business administration from the same university.

Feyi Daniels’s Career

Feyi Daniels began his professional journey as a business consultant, collaborating with global entities like Chevron, Intercontinental Bank, Skye Bank, and the Edo State Government of Nigeria.

He is also an entrepreneur, venturing into real estate, media, and education. Despite achieving business success, he sensed a higher calling to dedicate himself to full-time ministry in service to God.

In 2006, he founded iReign Global, located in Lagos State, aiming to raise a generation of leaders. He also started Gnosis Business School, which later became Evolve Business School, to provide individuals with essential business and leadership qualities. In 2019, he founded the King’s Academy, a prophetic school of missions and ministry.

Feyi Daniels’ Personal Life

Bishop Daniels lives in Lagos and is happily married to Pastor Awele Feyi-Daniels, who is also a minister and a co-pastor of iReign Global. They are blessed with two sons, Daniel and David in over 10 years of marriage.


How old is Feyi Daniels?

There is currently no information on Feyi Daniel’s age but he was born on May 6.

Where is Feyi Daniels from?

The Bishop hails from Gbolade Adebanjo, Opebi.

Why was Pastor Feyi sentenced to prison?

Bishop Daniels was sentenced to life imprisonment after being accused of raping two of his church members.

Is Feyi Daniels married?

Yes, he is married to Pastor Awele Feyi-Daniels.

What is Feyi Daniels’s Net Worth?

Bishop Feyi has an estimated net worth of over $1,000,000.


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