Jadrolita (AI Robot) Biography – Real Name, Origin, Age, Education, Career, Net Worth, & More

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Who is Jadrolita?

Jadrolita whose full name is Amadou Elizabeth Aminata is an influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur. She is well known for mimicking AI robots and has gained media attention due to how well she does it.

Amadou is also a manager at Aisohub, a talent management and influencer agency. Amadou Elizabeth has over 400K followers on her Instagram and over 500k on her TikTok account. Her unique display of AI robot characteristics has drawn a lot of attention to her lately.

Jadrolita’s Early Life and Education

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata was born in the early 2000s and grew up with her parents. However, there is no information on Jadrolita’s State of Origin. She is a 300-level student at Ambrose Ali University in Edo State.

Jadrolita’s Career

Jadrolita is a talented content creator, who uses AI characteristics to create entertainment for her audience. She has also featured with other content creators in the Nigeria space like Lord Lamba, Ugoccie, and more.

Besides being a content creator, she is also an influencer and a manager at Aisohub, a talent management and influencer agency. Jadrolita is also an actress and has been featured in the movie Wicked Away. The movie, “Wicked Away” was directed by Lord Lamba.

Jadrolita’s Personal Life

There is currently no verified information on Jadrolita’s personal life. However, rumors have been spreading around social media that suggest that she is in a relationship.

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How old is Jadrolita?

Although her date of birth is currently unknown, she is 21.

What is Jadrolita’s real name?

Jadrolita’s real name is Amadou Elizabeth Aminata.

Jadrolita is from which state?

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata’s state of origin is currently unknown. However, she is undergoing her education at Ambrose Ali University in Edo State.

What is Jadrolita’s Net Worth?

Amadou Elizabeth has an estimated net worth of around $15,000.

Who is Jadrolita dating?

There is currently no verified information on Amadou Elizabeth’s Personal Life.


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