Naira Marley Stirs Controversy By Subtly Shading Mohbad’s Wife Over Paternity Test » Yours Truly

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Troubled Nigerian singer, Naira Marley, is the new subject of controversy after he was spotted dancing to a song that highlights the need for DNA testing and sparks rumors about who truly fathered the son of the late Mohbad, a former signee of his record label.

Naira Marley was seen listening to a song by Prince AK2, an up-and-coming musician who is associated with his record label, in a recently shared viral video that is making the rounds on social media this Friday, April 5, 2024. The chorus of the song DNA is Needed, which is sung in Yoruba, raises questions about a child’s paternity.

This news comes in the context of paternity disputes involving Liam Imole, the son of the deceased Mohbad, who died a few months ago. Due to the lyrical content of the song and Naira Marley’s support in the video through his dancing and singing, there has been speculations that the singer may be referring to the paternity controversy in a subtle way.

Social media users have responded wildly to the video, with many viewing Naira Marley’s behavior as subtly disrespectful of Wunmi, his late ex-signee’s spouse. Due to the controversy surrounding Naira Marley’s song endorsement, fans and industry watchers are calling attention to how delicate paternity claims are in the music business.

The uproar around Naira Marley’s video intensifies, and viewers are anxiously awaiting any new information as well as any possible reactions from those involved.

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