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London Grammar, the celebrated British trio, has announced the release of their highly anticipated fourth studio album, ‘The Greatest Love’. Set to release in September this year via Ministry of Sound, the album promises to be a milestone in their career and a testament to their exceptional talent. Following the critical and commercial success of their previous album ‘Californian Soil’, which earned them a second BRIT nomination, the band is all set to embark on a new journey of musical exploration and experimentation. ‘The Greatest Love’ is expected to showcase their growth as artists while retaining the hauntingly beautiful and emotive sound that has brought them such great acclaim.

The new album comes over a decade since the group, comprising Hannah Reid, Dot Major, and Dan Rothman, first entered the industry. According to a press release, the album will see the band celebrate a new chapter as they leave their past behind and hone in on a newfound sense of freedom. The lead single, ‘House’, which is the first preview of their new material, opens with frontwoman Reid delivering uncompromising lyrics and powerful lines that return in the hypnotic chorus. The track comes with a dizzying music video showing all aspects of human emotion, making it a stunning visual and auditory experience.

Reid explained the inspiration behind ‘House’: “It’s about drawing boundaries around yourself. When I hit my thirties, my mindset shifted, and I no longer felt like a victim of anything; it all felt within my power. I thought making music should be fun, and we’re going to make that happen.”

Fans of London Grammar can look forward to a new era of music from the band, with their signature sound backed by a sense of freedom and musical exploration. The album promises to be an emotional journey that will stay with listeners for a long time to come.

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