Who Is Pascale Spall – Timothy Spall’s Daughter?

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Pascale Spall is a UK-based textile enthusiast, best recognized for her outstanding work with natural fibers like wool. Pascale co-founded Stag & Bow, a haberdashery and textile studio in Forest Hill, South East London, in 2010 alongside Cyrus Colquitt, her husband.

Before launching her enterprise, Pascale ventured into couture dressmaking, majorly weaving at university.

Pascale remembers her everyday relationship with wool and how she sources it from smaller companies that value their product. She also runs craft and textile workshops and hosts talks and events, furthering her passion for natural fibers and high-quality, sustainable materials.

Away from her business, Pascale is notable for participating in the Campaign for Wool, which aims to spread awareness about the versatility and benefits of wool as a fiber. Expanding on her craft, she also regularly takes on private commissions for bespoke furniture, clothing, homewares, and more.

Timothy Spall and daughter Pascale Spall
Timothy Spall and daughter Pascale Spall (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Beyond her professional life, Pascale is also the daughter of the renowned English actor Timothy Spall.

Profile summary

Name Pascale Spall
Age 47 years old
Date of Birth 1976
Place of Birth London
Nationality British
occupation Entrepreneur and fashion Enthusiast
Siblings Rafe and Mercedes Spall
Parents Shane and Timothy Spall

Early Life

Born in London in 1976, Pascale Spall was welcomed into a celebrity family. Her father, Timothy Spall, was a well-to-do actor, while her mother, Shane Spall, devoted herself to the beauty of literature and its nuances. She is the curator of two world-class books.

Pascale grew up amid two other siblings: Rafe Spall, born on March 10, 1993. Rafe became an actor as a torchbearer of his father’s legacy.

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Young Pascale Spall and her father Timothy Spall
Young Pascale Spall and her father Timothy Spall (credit: stagandbow.com)

Pascale’s Second sibling is Mercedes Spall, and much like her, Mercedes has lived a rather quiet and unassuming life, conforming to privacy and winning in her way.

Together, her two siblings upheld the memories of Pascale’s childhood.

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Arriving as the first blood of Timothy and Shane, Pascale spent an extensive period of her childhood with her siblings, who arrived on later dates.

Pascale attended RMIT University, an Australian-based institute for technology, design and enterprise. She studied Fiber, Textile, and Weaving Arts from 2002 to 2005.

However, like her mother and sister, Pascale leads a private life.


Pascale Spall has worn many hats in the creative arena. She has most notably focused on textile production and coaching, however, much of what she has done outside the creative arena is unheard of.

Pascale kick-started her journey as a creative textile enthusiast, her most recent endeavor revolves around the creation and management of Stag and Bows, a creative workshop that deals with textiles. Here, Pascale serves as the creative director, a position she has occupied since 22 October 2010.

Aside from that, Pascale Spall also indulges in coaching and training. She made clear on her LinkedIn page and Instagram handle her intention of reconnecting “oneself with the Earth.”

Has Pascale Spall won Any Award?

Yes, much like her father, Pascale has accrued a medal of excellence for herself and her business. While not in the entertainment field, Pascale has made her mark in the business arena, winning the 2015 Lewisham Business Award.

Who are Pascale Shane’s Parents?

Pascale’s Parents are Timothy Spall and Shane Spall, Timothy is a British award-winning actor and voice-over actor, while Shane is a cherished novelist.

Pascale Spall’s Relationship?

Pascale with her husband Cyrus James Colquitt
Pascale with her husband Cyrus James Colquitt

Pascale’s Spouse is  Cyrus James Colquitt. However, there are few details about him, except that he has been a strong pillar of support to Pascale Spall.

Cyrus Has not only been her marriage partner but is also her business partner, together, the couple had chaired stag and bow for over 7 years. Aside from that, Cyrus also owns an art printing and framing store on Dartmouth Road.

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