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Who is Subair Enitan?

Subair Enitan is a model, actress, and launderette who originates from the Western part of Nigeria. She also won Miss Culture of Ile-Ife in 2022. Recently, she came into the spotlight after embarking on a wash-a-thon Guinness world record.

She informed Guinness of her plans to beat the previous record which was 50 hours. Enitan succeeded as she was able to wash for 58 hours to set a new record. Although Guinness World Record hasn’t made a statement yet, she has been trending all over social media for her efforts.

Shortly after setting the new record, pictures of her surfaced all over the internet indicating she ended up in the hospital with her hands white and wrinkled. However, she has come out publicly on her Instagram account to say that she is fine, well, and thankful for everyone who supported her.

Subair Enitan’s Early Life

Enitan is 21 years old and Hails from the Western part of Nigeria. She completed her Primary and Secondary education there. Enitan is currently a 200-level student of the Obafemi Awolowo University located in Ile-Ife, Osun State. The school authorities made sure she was backed up to be able to achieve her Guinness world record goal.

Subair Enitan’s Career

Enitan is currently a 200L at the Obafemi Awolowo University but that didn’t stop her from trying out various career paths while studying. She is a chant, a model, an actress, and a launderette. The young actress has played a few acting roles over the years in some Yoruba movies.

She has also met with various Yoruba actors like the famous Odunlade Adekola. As a model, she won Miss Culture of Ile-Ife in 2022. Recently, she gained media attention after embarking on a washing marathon Guinness world record which she just concluded.

She set a new record of continuous hand washing for 58 hours breaking the previous record of 50 hours. However, the Guinness World Record is yet to confirm it as it takes a bit of time.

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Subair Enitan’s Career

Subair is currently single and unmarried.

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How old is Subair Enitan?

Enitan is 21 years old; however, there is no record of her date of birth on the internet yet.

Where is Subair Enitan from?

Subair hails from the Western part of Nigeria.

How long did Subair Enitan’s washing marathon last?

The 21-year-old washed non-stop for 58 hours breaking the previous world record of 50 hours.

What is Subair Enitan’s net worth?

There is currently no information on Subair’s net worth.

Is Subair Enitan married?

No, she is unmarried and is currently a student at the Obafemi Awolowo University.


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