Purple Speedy Biography, Net worth, Age, Career, State of Origin, Education

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Purple Speedy Biography:

Peace Pever Anpee, popularly known as Purple Speedy or Purplespeedy, is a renowned Nigerian TikTok star, digital content creator, and brand influencer. She was born on December 10, 1998, making her currently 24 years old. Hailing from Benue State, Nigeria, she belongs to the Tiv tribe and follows the Christian faith.

Purple Speedy’s parents are Mr. Terhile Pever Anpee and Mrs. Ishughun Pever, both devout Christians. She is the third child in her family, preceded by her sisters Glory Pever and Faith Pever.

Education and Career:

Purple Speedy’s academic journey began in Gboko, her birthplace, where she completed her elementary school years. She later attended WM Bristow Secondary School in Gboko, successfully passing her WAEC examination. Currently, she is a student pursuing a degree in Guidance and Counseling at Nasarawa State University in Keffi.

Purple Speedy embarked on her career as an online influencer, dancer, and content creator. Initially, she faced challenges when her first TikTok video received no attention or likes, prompting her to take a break. However, in January 2021, she made a triumphant comeback to TikTok.

During this period, she met her coach and fellow TikTok creator, known as itz_fynext. Interestingly, they both attend the same university. As their relationship blossomed, they not only collaborated on dance videos but also developed a romantic bond. Initially, they filmed their dance videos on the school grounds, but as their popularity grew, they began shooting in various locations.

By the end of 2021, Purple Speedy’s TikTok following surpassed 200,000, establishing her as a prominent media influencer in Nigeria.

Personal Life:

As of 2023, Purple Speedy remains unmarried. There have been rumors suggesting that she is in a relationship with another TikTok star, Elijah Chinye, who is popularly known as Crispdal. While this information has not been officially confirmed by the parties involved, it continues to circulate as speculation within the online community.

Net Worth:

As of 2022, Purple Speedy’s estimated net worth is approximately $70,000 USD or 49,000,000 Naira, highlighting her success as a digital content creator and influencer.

Purple Speedy has emerged as a prominent figure in the Nigerian social media landscape, captivating audiences with her talent, creativity, and engaging content. With her dedication and growing fan base, she continues to make a name for herself as a prominent influencer and entertainer.

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