Oxlade explains the reasons behind restricting Mohbad on Instagram amidst significant criticism.

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In the wake of Mohbad’s recent controversy and subsequent passing, Nigerian Afrobeat singer Oxlade has clarified why he restricted Mohbad on Instagram while he was alive.

Mohbad’s death deeply saddened many Nigerians, especially after reports of alleged bullying by Naira Marley and Sammy Larry came to light. These controversies surrounding his death led to widespread grief and demands for justice from the Nigerian public.

Oxlade, a highly respected Nigerian singer, was not immune to this grief, but he faced criticism when it was revealed that he had restricted Mohbad on Instagram and ignored his messages while the late singer was still alive. People were particularly upset when Oxlade paid tribute to Mohbad despite having restricted him.

In response to the backlash, Oxlade explained on his Instagram story that he restricts close friends on Instagram for privacy and to manage public bookings. He wants to separate his personal relationships from his professional life, and this includes maintaining distance from his manager, who handles his Instagram account.

Oxlade also addressed his recent dispute with Iyanya, stating that it stemmed from Iyanya’s refusal to collaborate on a song. Despite his explanation, some Nigerians were still dissatisfied and criticized him, even issuing death threats.

Here’s his post clarifying his actions and paying tribute to the late Mohbad.

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