Opemipo Bamgbopa Biography – Origin, Age, Career, Education, Net Worth, & More

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Who is Opemipo Bamgbopa?

Opemipo Bamgbopa also known as Maradona is an actress and public speaker. The young actress hails from Lagos State in Nigeria. She has been in the movie industry from a young age and has appeared in movies like Maradona, One Love, Shades of Lagos, Flatus, and more.

Recently, she gained media attention after becoming the first female speaker at the Lagos State University Students Parliamentary Council.

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Opemipo Bamgbopa’s Early Life and Education

The actress was born in the 1990s and hails from Epe in Lagos State. There is no information on her early education but she currently studies Transport Management at the Lagos State University. She is currently in her third year. Just recently, she became the first female speaker at the University’s Students Parliamentary Council.

Opemipo Bamgbopa’s Career

Opemipo Bamgbopa started acting at the age of six following in the footsteps of her mother. She has played roles in movies like Maradona(2003), One Love, Shades of Lagos(2021), Flatus(2022), and many more. Despite her early success in acting, she decided to pursue her higher education before returning to the scenes.

Opemipo Bamgbopa’s Personal Life

He is currently unmarried while her dating status remains unknown to the public.

Opemipo Bamgbopa’s Top Movies.

  • Maradona (2003)
  • One Love
  • Bororo
  • Shades of Lagos (2021)
  • Flatus (2022)


How old is Opemipo Bamgbopa?

The actress’s actual age remains unknown to the public; however, she was born in the 1990s.

Where is Opemipo Bamgbopa from?

The actress hails from Epe in Lagos State, Nigeria.

What is Opemipo Bamgbopa’s Net Worth?

Bamgbopa has an estimated net worth of around $50,000.

Is Opemipo Bamgbopa married?

No, she is not.

What course does Opemipo Bamgbopa study?

The actress currently studies Transport Management at Lagos State University.


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