Ojazzy Igbonile Biography – State Of Origin, Age, Career, Early Life, Net Worth, & More

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Who is Ojazzy Igbonile?

Chigozie Okeke popularly known as Ojazzy Igbonile is a flutist and entertainer who hails from Anambra State in Nigeria. He has carved out a reputation in the Nigerian music scene through his exceptional mastery of the Oja, the traditional flute of the Igbo people.

Chigozie is presently affiliated with the 5-Star Music record label, under the ownership of Kcee. His notable collaboration includes a feature in Kcee’s widely recognized track, “Ojapiano.”

Ojazzy Igbonile’s Early Life and Education

Born in 2005 in Anambra State, Ojazzy discovered his love for music at a young age. Starting his journey with the Oja at the age of 10, he has wholeheartedly committed himself to its mastery. While details about Chigozie’s education remain unknown, his musical dedication is evident from his early years.

Ojazzy Igbonile’s Career

In a notable interview, Ojazzy recounted a vivid dream where he received the Oja as a gift. Upon waking, he shared the dream with his mother. Later that day, while sent to the market for foodstuffs, he stumbled upon the exact Oja from his dream.

Despite lacking knowledge of how to play it, he purchased the flute and eagerly showed it to his mother. Dedicating himself to mastering the Oja, Chigozie began playing the flute both at home and in a nearby Catholic church. However, different opinions within the church community about him playing the oja led him to leave and subsequently join an Ogene group. He followed the group to different events and occasions which led to his encounter with Kcee.

Collaborating with Arobunago nwa Nri-igwe Credo, Ojazzy accompanied him to various events. It was through this association that Nri-Igwe introduced him to Kcee. This introduction came about after a call from Nollywood actor Junior Pope, who informed Nri-Igwe that Kcee was in search of a skilled Oja flute player.

Their meeting took place at Kcee’s residence in Lagos, where he showcased his flute skills. Impressed by the performance, Kcee promised to unveil Ojazzy’s talent to the world. Kcee kept his word by featuring him in his viral track titled “Ojapiano.” He is currently signed to Kcee’s 5-star music record label.

Personal life

There is no information on Chigozie Okeke’s personal life.

Social Media

Instagram: @ojazzyigbonile


What is Ojazzy Igbonile’s real name?

The talented flutist’s full name is Chigozie Okeke.

How old is Ojazzy Igbonile?

Chigozie Okeke was born in 2005 and is currently 18.

Where is Ojazzy Igbonile from?

The talented flutist hails from Anambra State in Nigeria where he was born and brought up by his parent.

When did Ojazzy Igbonile start playing the Oja flute?

He started playing the oja flute at the age of 10.

What is Ojazzy Igbonile’s Net Worth?

There is no information on Chigozie Okeke’s net worth.


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