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Maryam Laushi was born in 1996 in Kaduna State. She is a Nigerian communication specialist and activist who has risen to the spotlight as one of the most vocal Northern voices raising awareness on gender equality, and social and youth inclusion in politics.

Maryam Laushi is the National Publicity Secretary of the Modern Democratic Party of Nigeria (MDPN). She is also a founding member of the Not Too Young To Run Leadership Team. Her greatest motivation is that she has always believed in a greater future for Nigeria and that women and young people will play critical roles in building the country.

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Maryam Laushi Profile

Full Name: Maryam Laushi

Date of Birth: 1996

Age: 27 years old

Place of Birth: Kaduna State

Nationality: Nigeria

Religion: Christian 

Marital Status: Married

Profession: Journalism, Advocate 

Net Worth: $ 45,000

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Maryam Laushi Early Life and Education

Maryam Laushi was born in 1996 in Kaduna State. She completed her early education in a local school in Kaduna state where she grew up with her father. Thereafter, she went to Coventry University, UK, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and media.

Maryam Laushi also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing Management from the same university in the United Kingdom.

Maryam Laushi Career

Maryam began her career at Mallam Nasir El Rufai’s 2015 gubernatorial campaign as a research and social media assistant. After the successful election, she moved to Abuja where she was hired as a news media manager at Leadership Newspaper groups.

Maryam Laushi has volunteered for several non-profit organizations including Youth Initiative for Growth and Advancement. Moreover, she and nineteen others are the founding members of the “Not Too Young To Run Leadership Team” which is gaining attention from both Nigerians and the government. Over twenty Nigerian states have signed the bill for the reduction of the age limit for running elective offices in Nigeria, while ten other states are still considering it.

In 2018, Maryam Laushi was appointed as the National Publicity Secretary of the Modern Democratic Party of Nigeria. Since then, she has been involved in several projects and campaigns to raise awareness on critical issues affecting females in Nigeria such as political participation, sexual and reproductive health, violence, and education.

Due to her remarkable works, Maryam Laushi has won several awards including the SME100 Nigeria 25 under-25 award for Active Citizenry and the Under 30s award for Politics and Governance in 2017. 

Maryam Laushi Personal Life 

Maryam Laushi is married to Leo Da Silva. 

Maryam Laushi Net Worth

Maryam Laushi whose net worth is not yet estimated 



Where is Maryam Laushi from?

Maryam Laushi hails from Kaduna State.

Is Maryam Laushi married?

Maryam Laushi is married to Leo Da Silva. 

How old is Maryam Laushi?

Maryam Laushi is 27 years old; she was born in 1996.


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