Lojay Biography: Age, Personal Life, Career, Net Worth

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Lojay is a popularly known face in the music industry as he has remained active in producing diverse kinds of songs. He enjoyed fame in the industry when he released “Monalisa”, a song that made it into the top 8 on the U.S afrobeat charts.



Name Lekan Osifeso Jnr
Born 28th of April, 1996 (age 27 years)
Lagos State, Nigeria.
Nationality Nigerian
Gender Male
Profession Musician
Alma Mater University of Portsmouth, UK

Lojay whose real name is Lekan Osifeso Jnr is a songwriter and performing artist of Nigerian descent. He started his career at a young age and immediately thrilled fans with his numerous enticing songs. 


Lojay is 27 years old.

Early Life And Education 

Lojay whose real name is Lekan Osifeso Jnr. was born on the 28th of April, 1996 in Lagos State, Nigeria. He was born to Yoruba parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lekan Osifeso, and is the first child of the family.

Lojay grew up in a religious family and attended church regularly and was groomed in a godly manner. His religious background was a major contributor to his increased love and passion for music.

Lojay attended the Nigerian Turkish Secondary School in Nigeria before traveling abroad. He attended and graduated from the University of Portsmouth, UK in 2018.

Personal Life 

Lojay is not in a relationship at the moment.


Lojay always had a passion and love for music; while still in school he was a member of a known group. 

He rose to the limelight of the entertainment industry when he released “Ariel” in 2019 which featured Sarz, a renowned Nigerian hitmaker and music producer. The song helped to showcase Lojay’s musical prowess and further introduced fans to his style of music.

In 2020, he released another single titled “Ogogoro” which highlighted his usage of Afro-fusion sounds differentiating him from other uprising musicians. Still on this single, he gained a large number of streams, downloads, and placement on several music charts making it successful compared to Ariel.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Lojay reached out to Sarz requesting another collaboration on the EP titled “LV N ATTN”. Sarz eventually accepted his request and they started working on the musical project.

This project further showcased their combination of different genres consisting of six tracks. Among the EP featured hit tracks such as “Tonongo” and “Park O X3”. Lojay enjoyed massive attention from fans and quickly became an emerging force in the Nigerian music industry as the EP sold massively.

Net Worth 

Lojay has an estimated net worth of between $100,000 and $300,000.

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