Leo Stan Ekeh Net Worth, Age, Biography & Career 2023

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How much is Leo Stan Ekeh net worth? In this post, we are going to talk about another important personality in the technology business field.

We’d be seeing Leo Stan Ekeh net worth, biography, education, businesses, career, and everything else you’d love to know about him.

  • Full name: Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh
  • Date of birth: 22nd February, 1956
  • Place of birth: Ubomiri Mbaitoli, Imo State, Nigeria
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Education: Holy Ghost College, Punjab University,
  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Businesses: Konga.com, Zinox Group
  • Net worth: $1.2 Billion

Leo Stan can be described as Bill Gates of Africa and Nigeria’s Steve Jobs. Leo Stan Ekeh is a Nigerian billionaire entrepreneur and chairman of two big tech companies, Konga.com, and Zinox Group.

With his Zinox conglomerate, he single-handedly led a revolution in the Nigerian digital space.

At the point when most companies are folding up due to global obstacles, the Imo State-born businessman was able to navigate through the tides and sustain his workforce, thereby extending his business tentacles far and wide.

Today, he is one of the top 10 richest men in Nigeria.

How Much Is Leo Stan Ekeh Net Worth?

As it stands today, Leo Stan Ekeh net worth is $ 1.2 billion.

This figure looks correct when you consider the viability of Leo’s business, one of such being the popular e-commerce KONGA which his conglomerate Zinox Group purchased in 2018.

Konga remains one of the largest e-commerce players in Africa, especially when you consider that the company has its own integrated payment platform called Konga-PAY. With this payment platform, Konga is well-positioned to challenge bigger e-commerce players for the African market.

Leo Stan Ekeh Biography

Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh(OFR) popularly known as Leo Stan was born in Ubomiri Mbaitoli LGA in Imo State on 22nd February 1956 in  Nigeria to an average parent and he has three brothers and two sisters.

His mother was a nurse and his father was a dietician. Leo Stan started his foundational education at Holy Ghost College, Owerri, Imo state before proceeding to India for a degree in Economics from Punjab University and a postgraduate degree in Risk Management from Nottingham University in England.

After his university education in India, Ekeh opted to study at Cork City University, Ireland, and later transferred to Nottingham University, UK, earning a degree in risk management.

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Leo Ekeh began his journey in the technology business when he set up Task Systems Limited which was a pioneer in desktop publishing and computer graphics in Nigeria.

He computerized 95% of the Print Media, Publishing Houses, and Advertising Agencies in Nigeria.

Task Systems Limited, his first company has consistently won outstanding industry Awards as Best Partner Award for Compaq, HP, Microsoft, American Power Solution, APC, etc. for 20 years.

Mr. Ekeh also pioneered IT Distribution in West Africa through Technology Distributions Limited, TD, which has emerged as the Number 1 ICT distribution company in West Africa.

TD has consistently won for ten years the highest industry Awards and recognitions for market penetration, revenue, and preferred partner status to become the most decorated ICT Distributor in West Africa.

Leo Stan Ekeh scored another first in 2001 when he set up Zinox Technologies Limited to manufacture Zinox Computers, Nigeria’s First Internationally Certified Branded Computers.

Leo Stan’s Zinox Computer has some innovative features, which include – the Naira sign, and a Power Supply designed to contain the erratic nature of electric power in Nigeria.

He ensured that at launch Zinox Computers already had the WHQL certification, the first in sub-Saharan Africa, consolidated 5 years later with the attainment of the NIS ISO 2000: 9001 QMS Certification.

In October 2013, the company announced the production of its computer tablet line named Zipad.

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Zinox acquired 99% of Konga.com shares. An e-commerce company that was founded in July 2012, by Sim Shagaya. The Zinox Group concluded the acquisition of the e-commerce powerhouse, Konga, on Feb. 5 2018 with major investors- Naspers and AB Kinnevik.

Meanwhile, Zinox assumed ownership of Konga.com, KongaPay, and KOS-Express. Zinox acquired Konga.com because of its interest in the e-commerce business. The e-company is said to be worth $34 million.

On May 1, 2018, Konga was merged with Zinox retail outfit: Yudala, forming the biggest e-commerce and retail company in Africa.

They retained the brand name Konga. Leo Stan Ekeh is the Chairman and CEO of the Buyright Africa Dotcom Limited.

It is a platform that executes and fund information and communication technology projects, equipment leasing, ownership scheme and other related ideas in Africa.

It offers ICT consultancy services and sales of ICT products, infrastructures, and digital tools to educational institutions and government. Similarly, it provides computers to government employees. It also leases ICT equipment like computers, projectors, printers, scanners, software applications, etc.

Leo Stan Ekeh has spearheaded the creation of  a good number of companies including:

  • Zinox Technologies
  • Task Systems Limited
  • Task Direct Limited
  • Technology Distribution Limited
  • Buyright Africa Dotcom Limited
  • ITEC Solutions
  • Yudala (he merged Yudala with Konga in 2018)

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Awards and Recognition

Leo Stan Ekeh is a recipient of numerous awards, both personal and company awards including:

  • ICON of Hope by Fmr. President Olusegun Obasanjo on October, 1, 2002
  • ICT Personality, IT & Telecom Digest, 2002
  • Corporate citizen of the year, Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria 2002/2003
  • Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (OFR), 2004
  • Nigerian Science & Technology Achiever of the Year, 2003
  • Member of Nigerian Economic Summit Group
  • Fellow of the Nigerian Computer Society, FNCS
  • Life Membership, Nigeria Institute of International Affairs.
  • Doctor of Business Administration (Honoraris Causa), Imo State University, Owerri
  • Director, Nigeria Institute of International Affairs.
  • A Doctor of Business Administration (Honoraris Causa), Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi
  • Doctor of Science (Honorary), University of Jos
  • Doctor of Business Administration (Honoraris Causa), Federal University of Technology, Owerri
  • Fellow of the Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos
  • Fellow of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State.
  • A Fellow of the Federal Polytechnic, Idah

How Does Leo Stan Ekeh Spend His Money?

Leo’s resilience and business drive have made him one of the richest businessmen this country has ever had. Anyways, when it comes to cars, Leo Stan Ekeh surely has some really expensive taste.

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Leo Stan Ekeh Quotes

  • Sometimes excitement can derail you and excitements are short-lived. I think the most important thing is realizing that you could be the most intelligent person in the world.
  • Nigeria has a huge stock of smart people who can change and sustain the development story of this country. What they require is an enabling environment, which is not too expensive for the government to provide.
  • You must anticipate the future. It is not static, otherwise, you don’t have a reason to grow.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, then you have a right to make mega wealth.
  • When you are psychologically defeated, you lose the war.
  • Technology is the only way the son of a poor man can become rich in the 21st technology century and that is the only way the son of a rich man can consolidate the wealth of the family.
  • “To succeed in the peculiar business terrain of many African economies, an entrepreneur requires 40% common sense, 20% spirituality, and 40% knowledge of the business you are investing in.
  • People fail because they apply poor and wrong attitudes to life.
  • Continue to remind yourself that every effort depends on God; you work harder, and you work smart and creatively.

“I believe in truth. I believe in equality. I believe in hard work. I believe in honesty and integrity. These are the qualities that are fundamentals that keep me going”

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Life lessons from Leo Stan Ekeh

Unlike some businessmen or women who inherited wealth, Leo Stan’s story was different, he rose from nobody to a billionaire.

As for many of our celebrities, the road to stardom was not palatable, but they had to forge ahead.

With determination, hard work, and God’s help, they were able to make it despite all the challenges they faced.

Summary of Leo Stan Ekeh net worth

That’s it on Leo Stan Ekeh net worth. In Nigeria today, Leo Stan has become so successful that one can hardly talk about the richest in Africa without mentioning him.

Hope you found this post inspiring and helpful. Kindly like, share, and drop your comments.

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