Hypeman Moneygee Biography – Origin, Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, & More

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Who is Hypeman Moneygee?

Born in Nigeria during the 1990s, Kemi Jemeelah Lawal, widely known as Hypeman Moneygee, is a rapidly emerging artist and hypeman. Renowned for collaborating with numerous Nigerian DJs, he has contributed to the creation of several successful mixed tracks.

He has become a social media sensation as he is currently making waves following a 20 million naira cash gift from Wizkid. Kemi has also gotten himself a new car and was spotted in an event with bouncers as attention towards him continues to increase.

Hypeman Moneygee’s Early Life and Education

Kemi Jemeelah Lawal, widely recognized as Hypeman Moneygee, hails from Nigeria and was born in the 1990s. His early years were spent in a local high school in his hometown, where he received his early education while residing with his parents. However, details about his early life and educational background are currently unavailable.

Hypeman Moneygee’s Career

Moneygee is a Nigerian artist and hypeman who rose to fame following the viral success of the track “Mogbo Yo,” a collaboration with DJ Tobzy. He is also known as GOE meaning God Over Everything His influence extends further as he has partnered with various renowned Nigerian DJs to produce a series of well-mixed tapes.

On December 2, 2023, Wizkid transferred a generous sum of 20 million naira to Moneygee. This gesture came in response to a video posted by Hypeman on his social media, where he hyped Biz Wiz.

He was facing challenges In building a fan base on his social media page, and the upcoming hype man’s fortunes took a positive turn after Wizkid gifted him N20 million. Following this, he witnessed a significant growth in followers. In a gesture of gratitude to his new audience, he shared money with some of them on Instagram.

He also got himself a new car and was spotted at an event with security bouncers. However, people shared their different views on him getting a car and bouncers shortly after being gifted 20 million naira.

Hypeman Moneygee’s Personal Life

Although he is unmarried, further details about Moneygee’s personal life are currently unavailable on the internet.

Social Media

Top Songs

  • God over everything
  • Big Wizzy(Italawa) 
  • Alanta
  • Otilo


What is Hypeman Moneygee’s real name?

His full name is Kemi Jemeelah Lawal.

Where is Hypeman Moneygee from?

Although his state of origin is unknown, Moneygee hails from Nigeria.

What is Hypeman Moneygee’s Net Worth?

There is currently no verified information on Kemi Lawal’s net worth.

How old is Hypeman Moneygee?

Despite being born in the 1990s, there is currently no information on Kemi Lawal’s exact date of birth.

Is Hypeman Moneygee married?

Kemi Jemeelah Lawal is currently unmarried.


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