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Gibson Makanda was born out of the conspiracy surrounding the death of the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Most South Africans argue that the person who served as president after supposedly Mandela’s was a clone.

They further argue that the president died long before the end of the apartheid. Many pour their views on the matter on social media.

Lately, the user-triggered the wave again after he tried an old photo of Nelson Mandela to prove a theory “The Mandela Effect”. 

The user @Jether_Calypso left a tweet containing three images with the final result looking different from the Mandela we knew. He further triggered a reaction with his caption which reads “Huh… Guys, it wasnt him.” [sic]

The Mandela Effect

Gibson Makanda
Three FaceApped pictures of Mandela with the final result looking different from the Mandela we know. (Image: Twitter/Jether_Calypso).

The death of Madiba brought controversies and many people then misremember the circumstances surrounding his death. Many South Africans believe that he did not die in 2013 rather the ex-president died in the 80s. Others are under the impression that the former president died before his actual death in 2013.

Most times, these people claim to have a memory of his death which was covered in the media at the time it occurred. A mixed reaction followed @Jether_Calypso’s tweet as users tried to weigh their suspicions on the theory.

Gibson Makanda

They believed that Mandela died and a look-alike replaced him “Gibson Makanda”. The claim that Nelson Mandela died at the age of sixty-seven years in prison at Robben Island in the ’80s has gained popularity lately.

These claims covered that the apartheid government must have replaced Nelson Mandela with a “clone”. The clone served as the negotiator of Mzansi’s transition to democracy and then was the first democratically elected president.

Though The Nation has not found any publications or evidence that Nelson Mandela died in the ’80s neither have we found evidence of his replacement by a clone.

Family reaction

Although the family of Nelson Mandela released an official statement in regard to the theory, Zindzi Mandela has however reacted.

The daughter of Nelson Mandela laughed off the conspiracy theory that her father died at sixty-seven and was replaced by a clone. Another Twitter-user @DMlamla exploded the internet with a heated argument. 

In a series of tweets, the user said this was the reason we celebrate 67 Minutes on 18th July annually.

He further defended his argument saying that the “person the world thought it knew and loved as Mandela was replaced by an actor”.

“The Mandela that we knew all along was a man named Gibson Mkanda, trained and cloned (by the Illuminati) to act as the real Mandela.”

Zindzi however reacted to saying; 

“This person’s psychiatrist may not be aware that (s)he has access to social media. They must remove that privilege forthwith and double the dosage”. 


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