Ftarget Biography, Origin, Age, Career, Sampled Song Controversy, & More

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Who Is Ftarget?

The internet has been entertaining over the last few decades. People and various misconceptions have been the focal point of these entertainments. Recently, Ftarget has been the one to make waves on the net, but who is he? Ftarget is a Nigerian-born artist and performer. His original name is Kingsley Ugwoke Chukwujekwu and he hails from the eastern part of Nigeria.

Want to know more about the artist and why he is trending? Read this article to get your answers.

Ftarget’s Biography

Born Kingsley Ugwoke Chukwujekwu, Ftarget is a Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter. He hails from the Eastern region of Nigeria but was born and raised in Lagos State Nigeria, where he also resides currently.

He started singing way back in 2017 but only recently came under the spotlight. Sadly, he came under the spotlight for a reason that is not so good. In the next section, I will shed more light on this.

Ftarget’s Top Songs

  • No Gree
  • New Level
  • Hear Me
  • Oh My God
  • Mumu Button

Ftarget Sample Song Conspiracy

In 2024, Ftarget made waves after the release of his hit song “No Gree”. The song had a vibe that many Nigerians found matching the popular “no gree for anybody” anthem for 2024.

However, recent events have seen the artist questioned for the originality of his song. It is believed that he sampled an old song and has failed to give credit or request permission from the owner of the song he sampled.

Following this, he has been given several warnings to do the needful before thing escalates. Ftarget however, remains silent on the issue.


How old is Ftarget?

His actual age is unknown, but he is believed to be in his 20s.

Where is Ftarget from?

He hails from the eastern region of Nigeria but was born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria.

What is Ftarget’s real name?

He was born Kingsley Ugwoke Chukwujekwu.


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