Francis ANABOR Godwin Biography, Edo State Billionaire, Grace To Grace Story

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Francis ANABOR Godwin Biography, Edo State Billionaire, Grace To Grace Story

Francis ANABOR Godwin Biography, Edo State Billionaire, Grace To Grace Story, and all you need to know about him.

Francis Anabor Godwin life story is just to prove the saying which says “nothing last forever”. Would you believe it if I told you that Francis Anabor was once a very wealthy entrepreneur and businessman who makes billions of dollars every month but is now a taxi driver?

How does that feel? It’s a typical example of “grace to grass”, imagine how he is feeling remembering he once had expensive jeweleries, cars and more in which they are no more. There are much more to know about Francis Anabor’s downfall which I will be exposing soon in this article. All you need to do now is just take your time to read and understand carefully.

Personal Details

Full Name: Francis Anabor Godwin

Born: Feburary 19

Place Of Birth: Kano State

State Of Origin: Edo State

Profession: Taxi Driver


Francis Anabor Godwin Biography

Francis Anabor Godwin, was born into a family who struggled for their daily bread, then they hardly ever ate 3 square meals due to lack of money so they had to manage the little they had.

His dad was a poor farmer in Fugar, Edo State. But despite all the challenges he went through, he still find a way to become someone useful in life. Then, Francis Anabor Godwin was ranked among the top 20 richest men in Nigeria but as of now he isn’t even close to the list.

Career (Life Story)

What happened to Francis Anabor Godwin?

When Francis saw he was born into a poor family, he never wanted to be poor so he worked endlessly towards it. After some years of serious hard work and consistency all his sweat finally paid off.

Francis Anabor Godwin invested in numerous businesses just to multiply his money in order to become richer which worked for him. He had numerous properties and fleet of cars in addition to his companies. He wasn’t greedy, Francis was fond of giving palliatives to those in need because he never wanted them to pass through the name hardship he went through when he was little.

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But what happened? All his hard work went to the drain in a twinkle of an eye. His business began to crumble after he divorced his first wife in 2008 for some reasons known by only them. According to francis, he was cheated by close friends which lead to his downfall. He is currently working as a Taxi Driver just to make ends meet and to continue surviving.

Personal Life

Francis Anabor Godwin was married to his first wife Toyin in which they got divorced. According to him in an interview, he said “I divorced her because she liked party a lot”.

After a while, he married his second wife Anthonia who gave birth to four children for him. Just few months after divorcing his first wife all his investment and hard work started falling apart.

Net Worth

The Francis Anabor’s current net worth is unknown. He is only earning money for living. He is no more a rich personality in Edo State but caught everyone’s attention in the city due to his generous and humble behavior.

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