Emily Kaufmann Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Twitter, The Travel Mom

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Emily Kaufmann Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Twitter, The Travel Mom

Emily Kaufmann was born on January 3, 1995 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is 28 years old as of when this content was published. She is a Capricorn. She lives in Amsterdam and Dubai.

Emily began modeling in June 2018. She sat in her car and showed off her leg tattoo through a hole in her jeans in her June 17, 2018, Instagram debut. She gained fame through her Instagram page where she posts bikini modeling content. The Dutch beauty is one of the fastest growing Instagram models. Emily Kaufmann offers exclusive content through her Onlyfans account. She has documented her travels to numerous countries. She loves traveling and visiting new places. On Instagram, the curvaceous Dutch model has attracted more than 1.7 million followers and is growing day by day. Apart from Instagram, she also has TikTok and twitter accounts with over 170,000 followers combined. Emily Kaufmann is a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova Curve. She works as a promoter and allows fans to purchase shoutouts. The curvaceous cutie has been associated with Billie Eilish; she posed in an all-gold hotel room in a video set to the song “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish.

Emily Kaufmann has promoted brands such as shaped nl, skims, liquid beauty clinic, Shein official, shein curve, FashionNova, shop Akira and more. Emily Kaufmann is tall and has hourglass body shape, she has dark-brown hair and brown eyes, relationship status: single, Nationality: Dutch.

Who Is Emily Kaufmann?

Emily Kaufmann, the founder and CEO of The Travel Mom (TTM), is a name synonymous with globetrotting wisdom. Her voyage began over twenty years ago when she made her debut on Good Morning Arizona as a travel expert. Since then, she has navigated the world, leaving footprints across continents and inspiring fellow travelers.

Early Days and Passion for Exploration

Born in New Jersey, United States, on May 7, 1991, Emily’s birth sign is Taurus. Her affinity for exploration manifested early, fueled by a curiosity that transcended geographical boundaries. As a child, she pored over atlases, dreaming of distant lands and hidden gems.

Emily Kaufmann Height and Weight

Standing at an elegant 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters), Emily possesses a grace that mirrors her love for cultural immersion. Her weight hovers around 61 kilograms (134.5 lbs), a testament to her active lifestyle and zest for adventure.

Emily Kaufmann The Travel Mom

Emily’s brainchild, The Travel Mom, has blossomed into a digital haven for wanderers. Through her website, social media channels, and television appearances, she imparts travel tips, destination insights, and family-friendly recommendations. Her mantra: “Travel is not just a hobby; it’s an education.”

Emily Kaufmann

Body Positivity and Influence

Emily Kaufmann embraces body positivity with unwavering confidence. As a plus-size model, she challenges norms and celebrates diversity. Her Instagram feed—@sunnyrayyxo—is a canvas where she weaves fashion, adventure, and self-love. With over 2.2 million followers, she amplifies the message that beauty transcends size.

Emily Kaufmann Twitter

While Emily Kaufmann’s Twitter presence isn’t as prominent as her other platforms, her occasional tweets resonate with authenticity. She shares travel anecdotes, culinary discoveries, and glimpses of her life on the road. Follow her at @emily_kaufmann for a dose of wanderlust.

Emily Kaufmann Net Worth

Beyond the intangible riches of exploration, Emily’s financial journey is noteworthy. Her estimated net worth stands at an impressive $500,000. Sponsorships, collaborations, and her entrepreneurial ventures contribute to this digital fortune.


Emily Kaufmann embodies the spirit of a modern-day explorer—a compass guiding us through uncharted territories. Her legacy extends beyond pixels and hashtags; it resides in the hearts of those who heed her travel advice. As the sun sets on each horizon, Emily’s silhouette lingers—a testament to the transformative power of wanderlust.

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