Elmah Biography – State of Origin, Age, Career, Education, Net Worth, & More

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Who is Elmah?

Elmah is a fast-rising and talented female songwriter and singer who came into the spotlight recently. She started gaining little attention initially by doing song covers on TikTok and Instagram.

Recently, she has been trending on the internet after the release of her new song, New Boy In Town. A lot of people have been using her song as a challenge on TikTok her song hit over 1 million plays in less than two weeks after its release.

Elmah’s musical style is a fusion of various genres, blending soulful blues with contemporary pop influences. This mix forms a distinctive sound that sets her apart.

Elmah’s Early Life and Education

Elmah hails from Abia State in Nigeria. She currently resides there and probably attained her education there. However, there is no information on her date of birth or the schools attended.

Elmah’s Career

Elmah initially came into the spotlight after she did a cover of People by Libianca in February 2023. Ever since then, she has done other covers on different songs. Some of these are Omah Lay’s Reasons, Joeboy’s Duffel Bag, Iyanya’s One Side, Omah Lay’s I’m A Mess, and many more.

After doing a lot of song covers, she decided to drop a single on her own titled New Boy in Town and has been making waves all over social media. The song hit over 1 million views less than 10 days after release and has been constantly used for TikTok challenges since then. With her talent and unique voice, the young female singer will be one to watch out for in the future.

Elmah’s Personal Life

There is currently no information on Elmah’s personal life although she resides in Abia State, Nigeria, and is currently unmarried.

Elmah’s Top Song Covers and Song

  • New Boy in Town
  • Reason by Omah Lay (Cover)
  • Duffel Bag by Joeboy (Cover)
  • One Side by Iyanya (Cover)
  • I’m a Mess by Omah Lay (Cover)

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What is Elmah’s real name?

Elmah’s real name remains unknown to the public to date.

Where is Elmah from?

The fast-rising and talented artist hails from Abia State, Nigeria.

What is Elmah’s net worth?

The female singer’s net worth is currently unknown.

How old is Elmah?

The female singer’s age remains unknown to the public.

What is the name of Elmah’s new song?

New Boy in Town is the name of her song which was released recently.


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