Did Cheryl From Tiktok Die? Queen Cheryl Tiktok Death, Age

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Although social media and TikTok can be enjoyable, they can also be misleading. Many individuals on the platform have propagated rumors of Cheryl’s death due to the significant age difference between her and her partner. These rumors started on November 27, 2022, and have caused many to believe that the 62-year-old has passed away tragically.

Nevertheless, despite these assertions, Cheryl, the TikToker, is alive and well. She and her partner have been posting numerous videos, providing evidence that she is still very much alive.

The couple consistently posts their videos on social media (as seen on TikTok).

Did Cheryl From Tiktok Die

Quran, who is the spouse of the social media personality and is 25 years old, dismissed the rumors of his wife’s death by responding to a comment.

“People say a lot of things on the internet.”
TikTok appears to be thriving as the couple continues to upload videos without addressing Cheryl’s alleged passing.

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