Detroit Rappers Missing Found Fatally Shot Dead (All You Need To Know)

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Detroit Rappers Missing

Multiple law enforcement agencies in Michigan have been diligently working on unraveling the mystery surrounding the disappearance and tragic death of three hip-hop artists in early February. However, as of now, only a few answers have emerged.

The victims have been identified as Armani Kelly (27) from Oscoda, Dante Wicker (31) from Melvindale, and their friend Montoya Givens (31) from Detroit. They went missing on January 21 after their scheduled performance at a Detroit venue was canceled due to technical issues with the club’s audio equipment. Following the cancellations, there was no further communication from them. The investigation led to the discovery of their bodies on February 2, buried under debris in an abandoned apartment building in Highland Park, Michigan, which is within Detroit’s borders.

On February 7, Michigan State Police disclosed that the three men succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds. They also emphasized that the incident was not random, and the investigation is ongoing, with detectives making progress and potentially identifying a motive.

Key details so far:

Last known whereabouts:

  • Armani Kelly, known as “Marley Whoop,” was set to perform at Lounge 31 in east-side Detroit on January 21, accompanied by Dante Wicker (“B12”) and Montoya Givens (“Jug”).
  • Kelly informed his fiancée about the show’s cancellation via text, marking the last contact from him.
  • The trio left the nightclub together, but their cellphones and social media activities fell silent since the early morning hours of January 22.
  • Lounge 31 owner Darnell Williams confirmed technical failures with DJ equipment led to the cancellation, though he couldn’t confirm their presence due to the crowded venue.

Investigation progress:

  • After Armani Kelly’s disappearance, his mother utilized OnStar to track his car, a 2017 gray Chevy Equinox, which had been moved multiple times in Warren, Michigan.
  • The vehicle was found in a condo complex parking lot about five miles from Lounge 31.
  • Warren police located the car and arrested a juvenile for possessing a stolen vehicle and burglary tools.

Criminal backgrounds:

  • Armani Kelly and Dante Wicker had prior convictions for armed robbery, while Montoya Givens was convicted of carjacking.
  • Givens had a history of carjacking well-known Detroit Pastor Marvin Winans in 2012.

Possible gang connection:

  • Kelly’s mother suspects the killings are gang-related, stemming from their time in prison.
  • A Facebook Live video posted by Kelly days before his disappearance, featuring masks and discussions related to “real-life” situations, has raised suspicions.

As the investigation continues, the complex background of the victims, including criminal history and potential gang connections, adds layers to this tragic case. Authorities are actively working to bring clarity to the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these three hip-hop artists.

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