Daniel Gillies Biography, Career, Height, Wife, Children

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Daniel Gillies Biography, Career, Height, Wife, ChildrenIn the US, Daniel Gillies is a well-known actor. He became well-known for playing a stunning and strong vampire in the popular television series The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Millions of admirers were moved by his performance in these films.

He is another individual who has had romantic involvement with Racheal Leigh.

Daniel Gillies Biography

Daniel Joshua Gillies is his full name. The well-known actor was born in Winnipeg, Canada, on March 14, 1976. Later, when he was just five years old, he and his family relocated to New Zealand.

He spent his early years in Invercargill and then moved to Hamilton, where he and his three siblings attended Hamilton Boys High School.

His family had a long history of medicine when he was born. Sir Harold Delf Gillies, the renowned ENT and plastic surgeon, was a verified pioneer and his great-great-great-grandfather. He continues to be regarded as the founding father of contemporary plastic surgery.

Sir Harold Gillies, Daneil’s great-great-great-grandfather, was born in Dunedin; his father, Robert Gillies, was a prominent figure in New Zealand politics.

Daniel’s Early Theatre Credits

Daniel fell deeply in love with theater at an early age. In high school, he performed in a theater production as Mrs. Peter Rabbit. This prompted him to continue his education at New Zealand’s Unitec School of Performing Arts.

In the play The Godboy, he portrayed “Jimmy Sullivan,” for which he was honored with the Chapman-Tripp Theatre Award.

In his school plays, Daniel had multiple credits, such as roles in Julius Caesar, Anthony and Cleopatra, The Judas Kiss, The Lower Depths, and PlayLunch. He even wrote and directed his own play, “Maybe,” when he was quite young, and he presented it at Unitec.

He moved to Sydney, Australia, after finding that he was not getting the opportunities he desired and required for his profession in New Zealand.

Daniel spent a month and a half in Sydney in 2001 before going back to his native Canada. In order to pay for school and to follow his passion, he worked as a waiter and dishwasher in a restaurant. He relocated to Los Angeles after two months.

Daniel Gillies Career

Daniel acted in a number of films produced by the Auckland Theatre Company to start his acting career. Later on, he was cast in a recurring role for two seasons of Street Legal.

He was cast for a part in Bride and Prejudice and Spider-Man 2 after moving to Los Angeles.

Daniel started making appearances in American films and television series in 2002, including Masters of Horror, NCIS, and True Blood.

He was among the most well-known cast members of The Vampire Diaries in 2010, the CW series that dominated movie theaters. In the role, he was Elijah Mikaelson.

The Originals, a popular Vampire Diaries spin-off, was launched in 2013. Additionally, this series became a huge sensation, which led to a rise in Daniel’s notoriety as the program’s main character. His reputation and personality took off as a result of this triumph.

Daniel Gillies Wife

Daniel’s first wife was Rachael Leigh Cook. After falling in love, the couple got married on August 8, 2004. They share a son, Theodore (2015), and a daughter, Charlotte (2013).

In a 2017 interview, Daniel stated that he didn’t want to have a third child, so after having his second, he got a vasectomy. He explained that he wanted to be able to provide his two children with all the love and attention they need and that his decision was motivated by some health and energy issues.

The pair filed for divorce in court on July 10, 2020, and on March 10, 2019, they eventually got their own way. Julia Misaki and Daniel started dating in the subsequent year.


Daniel enjoys doing mixed martial arts (MMA) (muay Thai) in his free time. In addition, he enjoys reading, writing, and taking photos as a poet and photographer.


Daniel’s first child and daughter from his marriage to his ex-wife, Rachael Leigh, was Charlotte Easton Gillies. Given her well-known parents, the adorable young child has been a star from the beginning.

Her hometown is Los Angeles, California, and her birthdate is September 28, 2013. Charlotte is in her tenth year. Just two years after her birth, her younger brother was born. April 4, 2015, is Theodore’s birthday. Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies is his full name, and he is an adorable 8-year-old.

Charlotte and her brother are loving their lives as celebrity kids despite their parent’s divorce. Given that both of their parents are multimillionaires and performers, it is easy for them to have a good lifestyle.

FAQs About Daniel Gillies

  • Who is Daniel Gillies?
    • Daniel Gillies is a New Zealand actor, film producer, director, and screenwriter. He is best known for his roles as Elijah Mikaelson on the television series The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals, as well as Dr. Joel Goran on the Canadian series Saving Hope.
  • What is Daniel Gillies’ net worth?
    • Daniel Gillies net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as of 2023. He has earned his wealth from his acting career as well as his work as a writer, director, and producer.
  • Is Daniel Gillies married?
  • Yes, Daniel Gillies married actress Rachael Leigh Cook in August 4.
  • What are some of Daniel Gillies’ interests and passions?
    • Daniel Gillies is passionate about global issues and humanitarian causes.

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