Clary Fisher: Biography, Career, and Marital Journey

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Clary Fisher: Biography, Career, and Marital JourneyCelebrities are 40% likely to get divorced in ten years; Clary Fisher’s divorce took only four. She nearly had the ideal love tale—one resembling YouTuber Jemma Middleton’s—where a childhood friend turns into a lifelong partner—until her spouse set his sights on singer Adele. You know, sometimes you question, “Are men really sc*m?” when you hear about celebrity stories.

Clary Fisher is one of the numerous people who, despite being a phenomenon in their professional path, have become well-known to the general public because of their affiliation with notable characters. She is well known throughout the world as the ex-wife of British philanthropist Simon Konecki. Fisher is an expert in fashion styling; she does it for TV shows, musical groups, and other media.

Early Life

Clary is one of the most reclusive celebrity wives, so we have to give in to her. She has kept a quiet profile both before and after she married Simon Konecki, the well-known actor.

Clary Fisher is a private person who stays out of the spotlight and avoids confrontation. She has not shared any information on her early life, birthplace, or date of birth in order to protect her privacy.

Her siblings’ names and parents’ names are not listed on any website. Clary refuses to answer inquiries about her past from her devoted fan following. Understandably, they are interested in learning about her family history, but Clary has kept this part of her life private. Her early life is solely known to have included her February birth and upbringing in Hove. She is of British nationality and comes from a mixed ethnic background.

Education and Career

A famous designer and stylist in fashion is Clary Fisher. You’ll know she has an eye for detail and color matching the moment you meet her. The esteemed London College of Fashion is where she received her education. She then enrolled at the University of Arts, London, where she earned a fashion design degree.

Clary, who runs a prosperous personal styling business, also prioritizes environmental sustainability and yoga in her birthplace of Hove.

Marital Life

Clary Fisher and her ex-husband Simon Konecki were childhood neighbors in the City of Hove, East Sussex, England, where it all started. They were in the same buddy group as children, and their closeness fueled the beginnings of a love they believed would continue forever. They were close friends before getting married, and their bond grew over time.

Look at this stylist, Lara Coppola, an American-Venezuelan who is also married to director Nayib Estefan.

Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki wed in 2004, following a courtship that lasted from their adolescent years into adulthood. They were married and had a child. Because Simon was required to travel frequently for his work as CEO of Drop4Drop, their marriage experienced instability.

Sadly, Clary and Simon’s marriage ended in divorce in 2008 after just four years. The pair is jointly responsible for their daughter, who was born in 2007. After the divorce process, Clary and Simon were granted custody of their daughter, but she made the decision to protect her privacy by not disclosing any information about the child.

Clary, who was strong and resilient, went on with her life and fell in love with Paul Collicutt, an illustrator, storyboard artist, and coach of athletics. Several close friends and family members attended their July 2016 seaside wedding in East Sussex. Clary later verified their relationship by tweeting a picture from their wedding day that she thought was one of her best ones in August 2016. While Clary continued living her life, her ex-husband most likely did not.

Following his divorce, Simon formally started dating Adele, the singer of “Easy on Me,” in 2011 after Ed Sheeran introduced them. And Angelo Adkins, their lone child, was born in October 2012. Everything was going well for them after their covert 2018 marriage until Adele filed for divorce in April 2019. Three years after their marriage, in 2021, their divorce process was finalized.

However, Adele had already paid £8.53 million in 2019 for a house in Beverly Hills that was only a short distance from Simon’s home, allowing them to co-parent their son. In 2021, she even went so far as to create a song about her divorce from Simon. It’s no surprise that the song is called Easy on Me.


Paul Collicutt, Clary’s spouse, is well-known in the field of illustration. He attended Brighton College of Art to study illustration and has been creating work since 1984. His picture book, This Train, won him the Parent’s Gold Choice Award in America. He publishes his artwork from his firm in Brighton, East Sussex. He used to be the coach of the BMC Races and the Brighton Phoenix Track Open. Bob Collicutt is their child, and he is happily married to Clary.

In remembrance of Bob Collicutt’s aid, Paul and his wife, Clary, participate in marathon walks to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. On June 11, 2022, Paul Collicutt finished the 26-mile South Coast Mighty Hike 2022 full marathon. During the Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike 2022 on September 10, 2022, his wife also took part in a complete marathon.


Simon Konecki, the successful charity entrepreneur and Clary’s ex-husband, was born in New York on April 17, 1974. His zodiac sign is Aries and he is 49 years old. Along with Lucas White, he co-founded Drop4Drop, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to supply clean water to impoverished communities in developing nations. Currently, he serves as CEO of the organization. Prominent people like Sid Owen and Stephen Fry have endorsed Simon’s organization.

Following his marriage to Adele, he gained notoriety, but their short marriage ended in divorce in 2021. He has avoided the media since 2021 and has kept a quiet profile.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Clary Fisher’s income and net worth are unknown. She may not make a lot of money, but her successful work as a fashion stylist and her connections to famous people should help. She is not active on social media and would rather keep her personal life private and out of the spotlight.

FAQs About  Clary Fisher

  • Who is Clary Fisher?
    • Clary Fisher, also known as Clary Collicutt, is a fashion stylist and a designer by profession.
  • Do Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki  have any children?
  • Yes, Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki  have a daughter who was born in 2007.
  • Did Clary Fisher marry again after divorcing Simon Konecki?
    • Yes, Clary Fisher married again after divorcing Simon Konecki. She’s married to Paul Collicutt.
  • Does Clary Fisher have any children with Paul Collicutt?
    • Yes, Clary Fisher and Paul Collicutt have a daughter together.
  • What does Clary Fisher do for a living?
    • Clary Fisher works as a fashion stylist. She studied costume at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.
  • How old is Clary Fisher?
    • Clary Fisher’s exact date of birth and age are not known to the public yet. However, she’s likely to be in her 40s.
  • What is Clary Fisher’s net worth?
    • Clary Fisher’s net worth is not disclosed yet. However, she is expected to have a decent income from her fashion career.

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