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Iconic Nigerian singer and campaigner Charles Oputa, also referred to as Charly Boy, has openly shared the unusual grounds for his 46-year marriage.

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, Charly Boy revealed in an interview on Inside Scoop with Pulse, which was hosted by reality TV personality Uriel, that he was driven by outward appearances like musical ability and physical attractiveness when he married his wife at a young age because he was pursuing his hobby of singing.

He did admit that though, that these were “all the wrong reasons” to make a lifetime commitment. In retrospect, Charly Boy acknowledged that his priorities have changed and that he no longer values physical attractiveness or characteristics such as breasts, “nyash,” or beauty.

During a different part of the interview, Charly Boy cleared up any misunderstandings about his sexual orientation. Charly Boy stated that he has a feminine side that he acquired while in America, Linda, in spite of long-standing presumptions about his sexual orientation in Nigerian society.

Charly Boy denied being gay and confirmed his attraction to women, debunking rumors to the contrary. He expressed support for heterosexual partnerships and made it clear that, should he be gay, he would strongly support LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria.

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