Black Yacht Rock Vol. 1” – Yours Truly

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American singer, producer and fashion icon, Pharrell Williams, has unexpectedly dropped a new project in a distinctive manner.

The album can only be streamed or downloaded via the website It seems to be titled Virginia: Black Yacht Rock Vol. 1 — City of Limitless Access (though it’s unclear if part of that title could be an artist name). The WhoIs database on indicates that the website was last updated on Wednesday, April 3, and was only built late last month.

The songs “Richard Mille,” “Just For Fun,” “Caged Bird Free,” and “Cheryl” are among the ten tracks on the album. Information about features or credit was not readily available. There is also an invitation to subscribe to a mailing list on the website. Upon submitting an address, the message “Stay tuned…” appears. Pharrell has not yet made any mention of the album on social media.

The new record is the hitmaker’s first solo release since Girl from 2014, which came out ten years ago. In other related news, Pharrell and his Neptunes collaborator Chad Hugo are currently fighting over the rights to their producing duo’s name when Black Yacht Rock Vol. 1 drops.

Hugo and his team have filed with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, alleging that Williams committed fraud by trying to register trademarks for the Neptunes brand without including his name, according to available court records.

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