2Baba Expresses Appreciation To Kennis Music » Yours Truly

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Legendary Nigerian musician Innocent Idibia, also known by his stage name 2Baba, stopped by the Kennis 104.1 studio recently and had a lot to say.

He honored Kenny Ogungbe and Kennis Music very quickly. 2Baba revealed that he worked with Kenny Ogungbe and Kennis Music to record his debut album, “Face 2 Face.” He expressed his gratitude to Kenny and stated his “nostalgia” was really welcoming.

“Face 2 Face,” 2Baba’s debut solo album, was released in 2004 and quickly became a huge smash in Nigeria, selling over 2 million copies. The album’s well-received international reception can be  attributed to its breakthrough song, “African Queen.”

The fact that 2Baba paid homage to Kenny Ogungbe and Kennis Music during his visit to the Kennis 104.1 studio serves as a reminder of the important role the label has played in the careers of other Nigerian musicians, including 2Baba. The tribute to his debut album emphasizes the album’s everlasting influence and the legacy it left behind in the Nigerian music scene.

Also recently, the iconic singer parted ways with his longtime management agency, Now Muzik, after a 20-year partnership. In a statement on Now Muzik’s Instagram account, CEO Omorogbe expressed gratitude to 2Baba for the friendship and trust that have grown over the years.

After leaving The Plantashun Boiz in 2004 to set up shop as a music label with Kennis Music, 2Baba signed with the management of Now Muzik.

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